Harvey Butler Scholarship Fund

Giving Back to Our Community

Dr. William Bradford and the staff at Cumberland Radiation Associates, LLC, a freestanding radiation therapy center with over a decade of commitment in the treatment of cancer patients has started a new scholarship at Motlow State Community College. The Harvey Butler Graham Nursing Scholarship will be awarded to a student in the three-semester LPN to RN Transition program.

This fund may award up to $3,000 with $1,000 being paid each semester for summer, fall and spring semesters. Student may be awarded up to 3 semesters. Scholarship funds will be disbursed and forwarded to the Motlow College Foundation at the beginning of each semester.

History of the Scholarship

The Harvey Butler Graham Nursing Scholarship memorializes the individual who was instrumental in supporting the technical needs of Cumberland Radiation Associates so as to provide quality radiation therapy. This support has translated into improved patient care and outcomes. It has enabled Cumberland Radiation Associates to grow; now with plans to further expand the capabilities of treatment to again better support the community. Certainly, Cumberland Radiation Associates has far surpassed any goals that had been established. This scholarship is given with a sincerity and appreciation to honor an individual who was dedicated to the medical service.

The LPN to RN transition program is a three semester course of study for which LPNs with a current unencumbered Tennessee license may apply. Upon acceptance they may enroll in the Career Mobility Transition course. This course is an adaptation of the nursing program’s first year curriculum which recognizes the knowledge and skills of the LPN and is offered in the ten week summer term. Upon completion and with a grade of “C” or better, Transition students join “second year track to RN” students to complete the program.

“It is a privilege to be able to give back to our community and help a student further their education. At Cumberland Radiation Associates you will find qualified compassionate staff along with the most modern equipment in the industry. We are a cancer center “Where Hope and Healing come together” according to Donna Bradford, public relations and marketing manager at Cumberland Radiation Associates.


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